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Things To Do Near Looe

The picturesque port of Looe is one of Cornwall’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s full of great seafood restaurants, friendly pubs and boutique shops leading through narrow streets to a golden beach sheltered by the iconic Banjo Pier. Along the quayside you’ll find sightseeing trips to Polperro and around Looe Island, or boats going out for mackerel, wreck fishing or sharking.

Enough to keep you and your family entertained for a few days. But after you’ve eaten, drunk, fished, shopped and sunned yourself into a contented holiday stupor, you might want to explore what the rest of South East Cornwall has to offer.

Top of your things to do list should be...

Visit Adrenalin Quarry

For zip wires, a giant clifftop swing, axe throwing, bouncing off a massive inflatable blob, coasteering in the lake, camping out in the woods and sleeping in hammocks...

Only 6 miles and 15 mins drive from Looe, Adrenalin Quarry is a stunning beauty spot near Menheniot, Liskeard: easy to get to, just off the A38. A site of special scientific interest, this old flooded quarry has sheer cliffs on 3 sides surrounding a deep lake.

It’s run by a friendly, professional team who know what they’re doing. They’ve spent the last decade finding innovative ways to fill the quarry with heart-palpitating, terror-inducing, mind-boggling rides and attractions. As their tagline says, they’ve been ‘Throwing people off cliffs since 2009’. Every year they add something new. Here’s 2017's offering:

Fly Down The Zip Over a Flooded Quarry

Anyone can do this. The youngest down the zip wire so far was only 2 years old, the oldest, 94. Jump off a cliff at the quarry’s highest point (50M), and soar half a kilometre over the lake to the lawn at the bottom. With twin cables you can fly down with your kids or mates reaching a top speed of 40mph. It’s the only place in the UK where you can just turn up and fly. No pre-booking. No hassle.


Ride The Giant Swing

You’re 170ft above the lake, winched near 90 degrees, face down, waiting for the drop. It doesn’t matter who’s with you, you’re alone. Then the swing is released and you go from maximum G to pure freefall in seconds. The cliff edge rushes at you, then suddenly you’re out over the water, weightless, then falling backwards and you know it’s about to happen all over again. Like The Zip, no booking required. Just turn up, close your eyes and hope for the best.


Try Axe Throwing

Like archery, but with axes. Hurl them at targets, get in touch with your inner savage. No life lessons here, and learning how to do this won’t make the world a better place. But the thwock as blade hits stump is just satisfying in a base, primeval way. The activity is doable for groups up to 14 at a time, so get stuck in.


A Free Day Out Near Looe

Adrenalin Quarry is a free day out, if you want it to be - there’s no admission charge and you can just rock up, lounge around and watch other people being active while you do the really hard work over hot drink and a pasty

In the summer, the massive lawn at the east end of the quarry is popular with families and couples just hanging out and watching the world fly by. Bring your friends or your kids, eat great food, get involved or just relax. There’s shed loads of things to do, but no pressure to do them.

And that’s the thing about this unique attraction – it’s what you make of it. Whatever your Looe holiday plans. give it a visit on a rainy day, a sunny day or one of those classic Cornish threatening-to-mizzle days. It really doesn’t matter, the end result’s the same.

The way Adrenalin Quarry is set up, you can mix and match your quality time to the max. Start early then crack on to Bodmin Moor or Plymouth, or a virtuous yet "must-do" museum visit. Alternatively, waste a lazy morning eating cream teas in Looe cafes then burn them off in the afternoon by the quarry lake or 150ft above it.

World-Class Cliff Diving Near Looe?

Yep. Adrenalin Quarry does that, too. You can watch up-and-coming and elite Red Bull, FINA & WHDF cliff divers practising on the cliffs from platforms up to 24m high. By 2018, Adrenalin Quarry will be an official UK FINA competition venue and training facility.

Stag and Hen Do’s at Adrenalin Quarry, Cornwall

Everything mentioned above, you can do on your Stag or Hen do – on steroids.


Adrenalin Quarry near Looe - details:

Lower Clicker Road
Menheniot, Near Liskeard
Cornwall PL14 3PJ


Call: 01579 308 204


More Things to Do in Looe

The Monkey Sanctuary - award-winning sanctuary near Downderry only a few miles east along the coast from Looe. Unsurprisingly, it’s packed to the rafters with monkeys. Kids love it and the organisation does essential work rehabilitating these amazing creatures from the pet trade.

Carnglaze Caverns - beautiful, spooky caves in lovely grounds, just off the A38. Check their website for events - it’s a unique music & theatre venue carved deep into the hills.

Bodmin Moor - there’s a lot of it to walk, climb and explore, so make a day of it. Bleak & beautiful, a good spot to let the kids run wild. Make sure you get to the top of the Cheesewring.

Trago Mills - a pasty’s throw from Carnglaze, Trago is a legend in Cornwall. Nestled in the Glyn Valley, again just of the A38, it’s shopping heaven, or hell if you’re just tagging along. Visitors and locals flock in their thousands to buy anything from grouting to guitars. Just know that time doesn’t really work in Trago. You may lose hours. You may never come out again.

Looe Tourist Information - definitely worth paying a visit. Helpful staff with deep knowledge of all the activities and events going on in and around Looe.


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