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EXTREME SPORTS IN CORNWALL Of all the things to do in cornwall, you want to jump off a cliff? Be our guest. Last year we threw thousands of you – all types, shapes and sizes – off Cornwall’s newest and most innovative attraction. In 2009, the opening of The Zip and Hoverworld at Adrenalin Quarry saw adrenalin junkies, thrill seekers, bold mums and twice-thinking dads (and vice versa), whole families from toddlers to grandpas, little boys to old ladies (no offence Gladys and Dennis) all flocking to South East Cornwall for the chance to fly down what was at the time The UK’s Longest Zip Wire or power a hovercraft solo around the quarry lake.
ADRENALIN RISING If you’re after outdoor pursuits & extreme sports, Cornwall is now the place to visit in the UK. Whether you’re a Newquay-bound party animal or a family wanting more buzz for your holiday bucks, Cornwall caters for it all with great venues for abseiling, climbing, coasteering, surfing, motorsport, quad biking, kayaking, even zorbing. Once you’ve made the right choice that you’re coming to Cornwall, or you’re lucky enough to live here, then the top of your places to visit list has got to be Adrenalin Quarry. We’re really easy to find, just off the A38 near Liskeard (handy when you’re entering or leaving the county). We’re also the only place in Europe
where you can dive down a massive zip wire, learn how to wild swim and coasteer and race karts at Kartworld – all in one day out. MAXIMUM THRILLS,
Outdoor adventure used to be the preserve of dedicated adrenalin enthusiasts and all the organisation and preparation that went with that. The Zip has changed everything. It’s made the ultimate high ropes buzz immediately accessible to all: families, schoolchildren, people with disabilities, toddlers to senior citizens – you can all just turn up and experience the incredible freedom of flying within minutes of arrival.
  • Bring the ultimate in outdoor entertainment to every member of the public
  • Capture the buzz you glimpse on the TV and deliver it to you on your holiday
  • Build rides you can’t find anywhere else, ensure they’re accessible to everyone & make your holiday memorable
  • Extend the extreme sports spectrum and put it within everybody's reach
We create rides that challenge outdoor adventure enthusiasts yet entertain families. Adrenalin sports aren’t exclusive to the rich or the lucky. They’re for everyone.
Gravity doesn’t discriminate. Nor do we. We throw everyone off our cliff with equal relish. THE VIEW FROM THE ZIP Every day, we see kids running to the viewing deck and stopping dead when they look out across the lake. It gets them every time. Adrenalin Quarry is a great place to just hang out and take in the scenery. The lake, the shore, the cliff ledges and the woods teem with life: seabirds, ducks, Canada geese, Cornish Chuffs, buzzards, peregrines, rabbits. They all seem unfazed by the visitors. We come and go, they’re here for the duration.
There are other big gravity rides in the UK, but none are as much fun, worth talking about, as easy to get on, as easy to get to. And NONE are in such an awesomely beautiful setting. FEEL THE FEAR… The wires stretch into the distance. The water ripples way below. The harness holds you tight and your heart starts pumping. The instructor hooks you up, checks all is secure... Then it’s just you       ...       and the drop. …DO IT ANYWAY Time to go. Some tremble, some can’t wait for the release. Everybody lands with a smile. What fear?

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