Adrenaline Quarry

Lower Clicker Rd

Liskeard GB PL14 3PJ

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“Throwing people off Cliffs since 2009”

This is The Mother of all Zip Wires at Adrenalin Quarry : 490m long, 50m high and reaching 40mph. Twin cables cross over the flooded depths of the old quarry, sheer cliffs rise on either side. Fly down next to a friend, or complete stranger, we don't mind! Helpful and fully trained instructors are there to aid you at every step. Min/Max weight 25kg/115kg. Weight limits can vary [...]

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Hurl axes like demons and get in touch with your inner savage. New for 2015, we’re going out on a limb with another disturbing idea for you to try. Think Archery with no brakes. We use the same layout of target, throwing line and safety line, and generally restrict numbers to four throwers per target. We can take up to 14 people per session, and we think it’ll round out your day pretty well.

     We run two sessions a day at 11.00AM and 3.00PM.

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Pay for 4, get 6. Easy! 2 Adults and up to 4 Children for £110 on the Zip and the Giant Swing means you're all in it together.  

Book and Cook a BBQ by the Lawn

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Everybody gets a Sausage, Burger, Bun, Slice of cheese, Salad & Ketchup/Mayo/relish, Plus everything you need to cook great food down by the Lake: A Quarry Bucket, Charcoal, Firelighters, Matches, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins, Tongs AND idiot proof instructions (we hope).

Coasteering & The Blob Summer – Sessions

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Go wild swimming, traverse rock faces, climb sheer cliffs, jump into the lake and finish off the session getting fired off The Blob! With jumps from 6-33 feet what could possibly go wrong? Check the videos. You're next!

We’re AALS members, (license number L10721/R1954). Min age 10 yrs, must be able to swim [...]

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“Throwing people off Cliffs since 2009”   Defy gravity three at a time on this cliff top nightmare and find out how much punishment you can take. A slow winch pulls you up then a few seconds of dreadful, lonely waiting followed by the most horrible, sickening drop.

You’re momentarily weightless, then accelerating through double gravity as you level out at the bottom. Just when you think ‘I’m going to live’ you head up and out over the cliff edge, 160 [...]