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So here we are in June.

So here we are in June waiting on Tokyo to announce Olympic disciplines for 2020. If they declare for high diving then that's one thing, if they don't then that's another. In some ways we're better off if they don't because we'll have more time to develop our facility and to figure out how it all works. If they do declare that high diving is in for Tokyo then things could change pretty drastically.

We've had visits from FINA, British swimming, and two separate visits from sport UK. All of these were high ranking card-carrying heavy hitters down here to see what we doing and what's  possible and, in reality, trying to figure out if the Adrenalin Quarry cliff diving facility can generate medals.

One guy put it to me straight "if it's going to be in the Olympics then Sport UK will pay for it, if it isn't then they won't"

I had told him that I was worrying about how to please our high-ranking visitors, he said not to worry and that it's all down to Tokyo deciding what they want to do. Now we know that it's not in the 2020 Tokyo show the pressure is off. We'll carry on with the platforms we have and build momentum for the permanent array on the south side of the quarry..

So currently we have four world-class drivers training at the quarry. Kyle Mitrione (USA), Ellie smart (USA),Owen Weymouth (GB), and Iris Schmidbauer (GER). Can you believe both Americans have come over to train here? Living proof that if you build it they will come! Ellie and Kyle are now in Austria for Redbull training camp, Owen, Aiden and Iris still diving on Sundays (A levels and School /college stuff).

Oh yeah, crazy lightning has absolutely destroyed the custom-built hardware that runs the swing cameras. What a piece of equipment, it managed to film the very lightning that destroyed it. And yes of course we posted it on Facebook. So no horror cam for a couple of weeks until we get a replacement unit built and down here. Dave Simmons from shoot systems will be bent over a hot soldering iron as I  write this (I hope).


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