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Quiet time

Apple dictation software is pretty amazing, but some days I think there's something wrong with my mouth.

I had several attempts at the word blog which my phone turned into log. Fair play, one might say, but it still makes me laugh when the devil gets in my phone.

    We've had the most incredible last week of supposed quiet time before enrichment week starts on Monday. Carbiel school came over with more than 70 kids to do absolutely everything including karting.

      Epic day with a good logistical challenge to get everybody wet, dry, dropped, picked up, karted, signed and generally rough-and-tumbled and out the other side in one piece. Lovely kids, decent teachers, cool day! 

    I was on the swing for most of it, is the first time I've done a day in the heat up there for a couple of years. It's easy to forget when you're sat in the office all day what is like to be on the front line. Pretty humbling experience for me. I'm now officially old, soft and slow. On top of the school group we had the first of our annual Saudi exchange students from Babcock Marine plus another decent sized school down from SandHurst way. Busy busy busy. 

    In other news we are going up to meet the development  engineers from Crouch Waterfall in Bristol to get the ball rolling with the nine platform high diving array. All a bit heart in the mouth as it's going to be the single most expensive gig we've ever done, with the smallest income stream And the most risk. Perfect. I think I'm more worried about whether my car will actually make it to Bristol and back, although finding the money to pay for all this is going to be a challenge I'm not gonna worry about it for a bit.


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